Fractional Radio Frequency (Scarlet)

Radio frequency (RF) based machines have been widely used in overcoming various skin disorders including wrinkles, atropic acne scars, hypertrophic scars, keloids, rosacea, vascular lesions and acne.
The way this tool works is based on the fact that water, collagen, melanin and microvascular in the dermis layer absorb RF energy, produce a great heat effect on the deep skin layer (dermis) and induce the release of cell mediators and growth factors (growth factors), and produce healing wound (wound healing).
The presence of   microneedles   will stimulate migration and proliferation of keratin cells and fibroblasts by inducing the release of growth factors. In addition, the formation of a closer hole will induce regeneration and make irregular collagen bonds become regular through physical damage made by microneedles, so there will be clinical improvement and changes in skin texture.
What are the benefits of doing the Scarlet procedure?
    • Improve skin elasticity and make thin face shape
    • For sagging of the eyelids and around the lips
    • To reduce double chin
    • To improve sagging of the skin
    • Improve skin pores and superficial acne scars.
    • To reduce inflammation in acne and reduce excessive sebum activity
    • To reduce facial flushing and dilation of blood vessels in the skin
What are the advantages of doing this procedure?
Does not affect daily activities because the down time is very minimal, only causes redness and minimal edema of the skin – delivering great energy to the target with sophisticated technology so that it can be used for full face therapy including forehead, saggy cheeks, jaw line, even around eyes.
What is the effect of Scarlet on the skin?
Epidermis: improve pores, superficial scars, and skin texture so that it will produce a smooth skin surface.
Inner dermis: direct effect on aging skin (aging skin), will result in skin tightening by stimulating the formation of new collagen.
What is the scaret procedure?
Pre treatment: Usually patients are encouraged to do intensive skin care with a skin health restoration program so that the results are more optimal.
Treatment: Patients are advised to stop using the night cream for 3 days before the action. Patients are given topical anesthesia for approximately 60 minutes before the doctor will perform the scarlet procedure according to the desired area (face, neck, or face and neck) After the scarlet procedure, facial skin will be chilled using cryo and given a serum growt factor.
Post Treatment: Redness of the skin usually disappears within a few hours Patients are advised to apply a special moisturizing cream for the post scarlet procedure and the use of a night cream is delayed 2-3 days thereafter This procedure should be repeated 3 times at intervals of 4 weeks Avoid smoking, drinking drinks alcohol and excessive physical exercise for 2-3 days after the procedure For swimming activities, it should be postponed 4-5 days after the procedure Avoid excessive facial scrubbing, peeling and saunas Avoid direct sun exposure and always use sunscreen.

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