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Drug Store

Health is a state of well being of body, soul and social to enable more people to live socially and economically productive. In order to achieve the necessary health facilities that are adequate one of which is the pharmacy. Pharmacy is a means of channeling pharmaceuticals and also as a means of doing the work of pharmacy by pharmacy personnel in the framework of the profession to the public service.
Pharmacies Surabaya Skin Centre provides services to meet the needs of patients for medication that has been prescribed by a doctor. We strive to provide satisfactory services to patients by providing medicines as prescribed in the form of oral medication (to drink) until cosmeceutical (cosmetics containing drug chart) with reasonable price and good quality.

With friendly service will also give the impression of integrated services to patients in a professional manner without having to leave the code of ethics of pharmacy. Powered workings pharmacist assistants who are trained and skilled in the art that is always under the supervision of pharmacists.
With the happy days we will provide counseling to medication that had been prescribed both in pharmacies and patients who do counseling over the phone to use, how to drink until the possible side effects accompany the use of these drugs. We also accept all criticism and suggestions to improve services to patients who visit and the public at large.