Sen – Jum : 09.00–20.00 WIB|Sab : 09.00–18.00 WIB
Jln. Prof. Dr. Moestopo No. 175 Surabaya
(031) 599 9595


Surabaya Skin Center provides consulting services and medical treatment to customers and handled by Dermato-Venereologist. This initial consultation is very important, because each individual is unique, having differ skin problem,skin type, response to treatment, and different risk between individuals with one another.

This consultation includes general dermatology, pediatric dermatology (children), medical and aesthetic cosmetics. With the initial consultation, your doctor will examine  and assess the state of your skin, so it can be determined the plan of  action or further treatment.


Come and consult your skin problems on our doctors, before any treatment procedure.