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Welcome to Surabaya Skin Center and thank you for your trust because you have chosen us. Our existence is closely related to you as a customer who used health services in Surabaya Skin Center (SSC). We will provide the best service for your visit and nice goals.

Surabaya Skin Center is a health center and laser skin located in Surabaya, is a practice where specialist doctors and genital skin is equipped with modern laser equipment and complete for your skin problems. Supported by a friendly human resources and skilled and comfortable atmosphere of the clinic, and pharmacy services under one roof will increase your comfort in treatment.

Our mission is to provide treatment for all disorders in the field of skin and venereal disease on the basis of knowledge gained in a professional, effective and follow existing operational standards.

Thus, treatment and entrust your skin care professionals only.
SURABAYA SKIN CENTER, The Professional Dermatologist You Can Trust.
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