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Hair Removal

Soft hair that grow on several part of the body sometimes is a magnet to attract others. But if it is grow on unexpected place, and it grows faster, it will annoying and destroy self confidence. This can not be accepted for women and men.

What are the causes?
The grow of this hair classified into hipertrikosis and hisurtisme. It because of :
  • genetic factors
  • Hormonal factors, besides increasing weight hard voice and menstruation syndrome
  • The use of some medicine or after surgery like skin grafting

Why this soft hair should be removed?
Most people want to remove this hair because of cosmetic, but mostly it’s because they are ashamed and this will cause bad psychologies.

How to remove it?
There are many ways to remove it temporary or permanently.

Temporary method usually only remove hair stem, but not the hair root. The methods are shaving, waxing, using duplicator cream or yang out the hair. These actions are fast and easy, but the hair will grow again and looks rough. It also cause pain, and sometimes irritation and infection will occur.

Permanent method removed the hair root and destroy follicle. Old method is by electrolysis, but this technique needs a long time for the action and will make scar on the surrounding area.

What is Smart Hair Removal?
Smart Hair Removal (LHR) is a brand new technique using photo silk plus laser to remove unexpected hair. This laser using Nd YAG laser with 1064 nm of heat wave and destroy follicle selectively. The laser will get into pigment around the hair follicle and the heat will destroy it without destroying other follicle.

What area can use Hair Removal Laser?
Areas above the lip, chin, armpit, bikini line, leg, etc.

What are the benefits Smart Hair Removal?
  • The laser works selectively by destroying hair follicles
  • The grow of the soft hair will decrease and slow, about 4-6 weeks after one time therapy. Usually it needs more than one time therapy to get maximum result
  • Light side effects, like swollen it’s only temporary. Pigmentation for several patients, mostly for dark skin type, and it will gone using UV cream. Those side effects cen be reduce using skin cooling during the therapy

What should you do to do Smart Hair Removal?
  • Don’t do waxing and yang out the soft hair at least 2 weeks before
  • Stay away from sunlight and don’t do tanning 4 weeks before, because tanning can cause side effect on the surrounding area
  • Shave the hair until it become short, the day you do Hair Removal Laser
  • Drink the medicine from the doctor. For the patient who ever had herpes virus, and will do the action on the upper area of lips or bikini line usually will get anti-virus medicine


  • Continue the medication from the doctor and complete the therapy
  • Use lotion or sunscreen cream
  • To avoid infection on the area, the doctor will give antibiotic cream and anti- irritation
To get maximum result, suggested to do several times of therapy. So please consult your doctor about your problems. The doctor will do anamneses and general checkup, if needed laboratory checkup to know the reason why the soft hair grow.