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Fractional Radio Frequency

Machine-based radio frequency (RF) has been widely used in dealing with a wide variety of skin disorders include wrinkles, atrophic scarring acne scars, hypertrophic scarring, keloids, rosacea, vascular lesions and acne.

The workings of this tool is based on the fact that water, collagen, and microvascular melanin in the dermis layer absorbs RF energy, heat a large effect on the skin layer (dermis) and induces the release of cell mediators and growth factors (growth factors), and produces healing wounds (wound healing). The existence mikroneedles will stimulate the migration and proliferation of cells with keratin and induces the release of fibroblast growth factor. In addition, the formation of holes closer to induce regeneration and collagen that makes the bond unregulated to regulated through physical damage created by mikroneedles, so there will be clinical improvement and changes in skin texture.

What are the benefits of doing the procedure Scarlet?

  • Repairing skin elasticity and makes tapered face shape
  • To sagging of the eyelids and around the lips
  • To reduce chins (double chin)
  • To correct sagging skin
  • Fixing the skin pores and acne scars are superficial
  • To reduce inflammation in acne and reduce excessive sebum activity
  • To reduce the redness of the skin of the face (facial flushing) and dilation of blood vessels in the skin
What are the superiorities doing this procedure?
  • Not influence daily activities because of minimalist downtime, only makes facial flushing
  • Bring big energy to the target by modern technology so it can be use for full face therapy on forehead, flabby chicks, jaw line, even on the eyes surrounding
How is scarlet procedure?
Usually the patient should do skin treatments intensively with the skin health restoration program for maximum result.
The patient suggested to stop the use of night cream for 3 days before the action. Anesthesia topical is given for the patient at least 60 minutes before. The doctor will do the Scarlet procedure on appropriate area (face, neck or both) After the procedure, face skin will be cool using cryo and growth factor serum is given.
Redness on the skin will disappear in several times. The patient suggested to apply special moisture cream for post procedure and night cream postponed 2-3 days after. This procedure should repeat 3 times with the interval of 4 weeks.
Don’t smoke, drinks alcohol and do heavy sports after the procedure.
For swimming, better postpone until 4-5 days after.
Avoid rubbing face and do peeling and sauna.
Avoid sunlight and always use sun cream.