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Skin Resurfacing (Fractional CO2)

Laser re-surfacing is one of effective procedure medical cosmetic without surgery to handle scar and freckles because of aging.
What is laser resurfacing?
Laser resurfacing is a laser procedure that use fractional technology CO2 ( Smart Xide dot) for maximal skin regeneration. The laser of this procedure can make new collagen by giving heat only on the deep area of laser skin.
What indication of R- Surfacing laser procedure?
This procedure is save to do in every type of skin. Kinds of anomaly that can be handle are:
  • Dispose wrinkles on the area of eyes and mouth
  • Forehead
  • Acne marks, chicken pox and traumatic sindrome
  • Photo aging on face and hand back
  • Some anomaly skin like keratosis sebhoroik, nevus veracious, etc.
How long is the procedure happen? Is it hurt?
This procedure needs time about one and a half hour depend on how large is the area. About 60 minutes before, anesthesia topical cream will be lubricate on the patient’s skin, no need injection. The patient will feels like stung by the bee. This procedure is very save and effective, means can be done on all area of face, neck and hands.
How many times the therapy should do?
The result usually will be seen in one time therapy, but in several heavy cases need continually procedure; it can be until 5 times of therapy with an interval of 4 weeks.
What is the effect after the procedure?
Setelah prosedur akan terjadi kemerahan, scabs dan bengkak. Kemerahan pada kulit akan menghilang dalam beberapa hari. Pada kulit akan terbentuk lapisan kecoklatan (scabs) dan akan mengelupas dalam waktu 4-7 hari. Bengkak akan mereda dalam waktu 1-2 hari.

What is needed after the procedure?
After this procedure the skin will feels little bit tight and red like sunburn. The doctor will give you special cream to make your skin moist. Always use UV cream to minimalize Hiperpigmentasi Pasca Inflamasi ( HPI).
When the result can be seen?
Sebagian besar penderita akan mengalami perubahan pada kekenyalan dan tekstur kulit setelah satu kali sesi terapi. Pigmentasi pada kulit juga akan terlihat lebih memudar, meskipun seringkali diperlukan dua kali sesi terapi untuk mengatasi masalah pigmentasi epidermal. Untuk jaringan parut yang agak dalam, diperlukan sesi terapi yang lebih banyak dan mungkin diperlukan terapi tambahan lain untuk mengatasinya. Dokter anda akan mengatur program perawatan yang sesuai untuk masalah anda. Perbaikan yang progresif masih akan terlihat beberapa bulan setelahnya meskipun anda sudah selesai menjalani prosedur ini.
Is the result permanent?
All skin changes after the procedure using Smartxide DOT laser are permanent. But, during the aging process, sunlight, alcohol, cigarette, unhealthy diet and environment pollutions, so aging symptom will appear on your skin.
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Can this procedure be repeated?
It can be repeat in several years after the first procedure if you want. Because only spend such a short time, you can have the result for a long time.