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Tattoo Removal

Anomaly pigment in skin can be birthmarks, acquired and artificial. birthmarks will stay lifetime for example café au lait macules (CALMs), nevus of Ota, nevus spills, Becker’s nevi and Peutz- Jeghers syndrome. Although acquired pigment usually appear when adult because of UV like lent genes, freckles and melisma. But for artificial pigment like permanent tattoo on eyebrows, other skin surfaces and traumatic tattoo. Q – switched laser Nd: YAG is use to dispose tattoo pigment color (especially blue, brown, black and red, except green). To clear unexpected pigment we can do continually therapy with interval 4- 8 weeks. Quantity of therapy needed is various, depend on the kind of anomaly pigment, size, location, color and needs to know long is the tattoo and the kind of ink.
What kind of anomaly pigment can be dispose by Q- switched laser?
This laser commonly use to dispose skin aging, freckles and birthmarks. This laser can not be use to dispose pigment anomaly suspicious cancer, doctor decided.
Why Q- switched laser can not dispose normal skin color?
This laser design to destroy thick pigment. In the use of this laser can make hypopigmentation, but this condition can regenerate.
How many treatments needed?
For some anomaly pigment usually about 80% will gone in once medication. For the deep anomaly pigment needs more than one medication with an interval 4-6 weeks. For tattoo needs 3- 6 times medication, depend on the kind and the depth of the ink.
Is anomaly pigment can appear again?
Usually not. Some birthmarks can appear again in couple of years, but can be treats again with this laser effectively the same with the first action.
How is the treatment after the therapy?
  • For 3 days to 1 week laser marks cover with plaster, please avoid water except boor water. If needed you can put topical antibiotic cream from the doctor.
  • If you feels pain after the therapy and swollen, you can do compress using ice pack.
Tips after doing laser therapy
  • Avoid direct sunlight and always use sun cream.
  • Do not scratch and press the laser marks and Use plaster if the area usually freak with cloths and jewelry
  • Don’t use decorative make-up until the marks crust (2-4 days)
  • Avoid swimming and heavy sports if the marks not yet crust
  • If the laser marks getting infection (rush, swollen) immediately go the clinic
Laser Tatto Removal__
What side effects and complications after pigment laser therapy?
  • Pain
    This laser only touches the skin in a short time. During the therapy you will feel pain like smash by the rubber. Some area feels more sensitive than others. After the action done skin will feel uncomforted, like burning by the sun light. Usually this feeling will gone in a day. That skin will be red for 2-4 weeks. After it is gone, skin will back to normal, color and texture.
  • Marks healing
    Laser action will cause light burn marks, and needs several time to cure. The process will cause swollen, liquid and crust, and usually will cure after 4-10 days.
  • Scars seldom occur, after laser action done correctly
  • Some tattoo or deep pigments sometimes cannot dispose using laser therapy, even though already done many times therapy. So it needs other alternative of therapy.

Pigmentation changes

  • Most of the patient will get paleness (hippo pigmentation) on the area of laser therapy, than other areas. Skin will back to normal after 2-4 weeks. By repetition of laser therapy will make the pigmentation become permanent.
  • The risks of pigmentation can happen (hyper pigmentation), but it will gone in 2-6 months after laser therapy.