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Smartlipo Sculpture

Smartlipo is a brand new technology of Medication Theraphy using Nd: YAG 1064 mm laser,produced by Deka, Italy, which can destroy Lipolisis in local fat deposit that can make bad performance.
How Smartlipo works?
Smartlipo is a lipolisis laser that works by destroying adiposit found in Subkutan and that kind of liquid fat will metabolize the body itself and will come out trough limfatik.
What are the differences between Smartlipo and Liposuction nowdays?
Even the goal is the same, to burn fat, but the process is different. Liposuction  do by a surgery so the 3-4 mm of kanul can get in and release fat on the skin wall. But Smartlipo only injects 10 cm long and 1 mm syringe( as needed) which is connected with fiber optic to the body of laser machine  to destroy fat. Smartlipo  works faster and practicably using laser, so it can be done in lunch time with minimalist side effect.
Is the procedure of Smartlipo save?
Smartlipo is use to destroy local fat deposit. This procedure is very save and comfort for the patient because the use of anesthesia tumescent, so the doctor can control the deep of the laser in fat. Besides the heat of the laser can make blood coagulases during the procedure can avoid bleeding and emboli.
In which part of body we can do Smartlipo?
The main target of Smartlipo is local fat deposit, like in stomach, hips, bottom, upper legs and arms.
What should we do after Smartlipo procedure? Can we do our activity directly?
After Smartlipo, part of the body should be tight using a bandage for the small parts like calf or arms, but for the big parts like stomach, bottom and upper legs we use corset for one to two months. Besides the patient should combine it with diet and sports. After Smartlipo procedure, the patients can do their activity as usual, but not hard sports.
When is the right time to do Smartlipo?
When your body is getting fat, even you already did diet or sports but still some part of the body can’t be shaped. Besides, the patient should in a good condition; it means that there is no illness found that needs serious medication. If you found it, better cure it first.
What to do before doing Smartlipo?
Complete laboratory examination and examination of the heart footage, to determine the condition of your body and get rid of the possibility of serious illness. In addition, patients will receive an explanation about the Smartlipo procedure before signing a letter of consent (informed consent).
How much fat can be burn in one action of Smartlipo?
In one time action, 250 gr of fat can be burn
How long does it takes and what kind of reaction will come first after doing Smartlipo?
Depend on the volume of fat will be burn. Usually the process spend 1 or 2 hours. When the process is being done, the patient will not feel anything in the area of being inject, but after it’s done the patient’s stomach will feels full. This is a normal reaction, because the fat had been destroy is melting and will find the lowest point. Stomach will feels not good, but it will heal after 3 days.
SMART LIPPO Before After
How to handle skin problem after smarlipo?
Is selulit can be clear with this action? After this action, koloid can be therapy using Tri Active Body Shaping. Besides it’s for increasing elastic able and skin strechment. Tri Active Body Shaping can dispose cellulite., because cellulitecan not be depose using Liposuction or lipolysis using Smartlipo. Tri Active Body Shaping do as soon as possible 2 weeks after Smartlipo.Tri Active is a combination of vacuum laser and cooling that is use to repair blood vessel. So that oxygen can get into the body normally and increase fat metabolism which is already destroy by laser trough limfe. Tri Active Body Shaping is not making pain, and also not needed Body Stocking so the patient will feels comfortable.